Wound Care for DFUs


Given the variety of modalities one may utilize to treat diabetic foot ulcers in high-risk patients, we have compiled a brief list of relevant meta-analyses, expert consensus recommendations and other pertinent reviews looking at treatments ranging from debridement and negative pressure wound therapy to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, split-thickness skin grafts and advanced therapies.

Diagnosis and Management of Diabetic Foot Infections.

Boulton AJM, Armstrong DG, Hardman MJ, et al.American Diabetes Association, Arlington, Va. 2020.
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A systematic review and meta-analysis of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for diabetic foot ulcers with arterial insufficiency.

Brouwer RJ, Lalieu RC, Hoencamp R, van Hulst RA, Ubbink DT.J Vasc Surg. 2020;71(2):682-692.e1.
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A meta-analysis of the outcomes of split-thickness skin graft on diabetic leg and foot ulcers.

Yammine K, Assi C.Int J Low Extrem Wounds. 2019;18(1):23-30.
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Updating the diabetic foot treatment algorithm: recommendations on treatment using advanced medicine and therapies.

Blume P, Wu S.Wounds. 2018;30(2):29-35.
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Evaluation of negative-pressure wound therapy for patients with diabetic foot ulcers: systematic review and meta-analysis.

Liu S, He CZ, Cai YT, et al.Ther Clin Risk Manag. 2017;13:533-544.
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A systematic review and meta-analysis of debridement methods for chronic diabetic foot ulcers.

Elraiyah T, Domecq JP, Prutsky G, et al.J Vasc Surg. 2016;63(2 Suppl):37S-45S.e1-2.
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The Charcot foot in diabetes.

Rogers LC, Frykberg RG, Armstrong DG.Diabetes Care. 2011;34(9):2123-9.
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Consensus recommendations on advancing the standard of care for treating neuropathic foot ulcers in patients with diabetes.

Snyder RJ, Kirsner RS, Warriner RA, Lavery LA, Hanft JR, Sheehan P.Ostomy Wound Manage. 2010;56(4 Suppl):S1-24.
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