ALPS Health Equity & Advocacy Committee

Application Deadline: August 1, 2024

The ALPS Health Equity and Advocacy Committee is dedicated to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion within the field of limb preservation. We strive to address disparities in access to care, treatment outcomes, and representation within our profession, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that all individuals receive equitable and high-quality limb preservation services.

The ALPS Health Equity & Advocacy Committee is comprised of up to ten members within the field of Limb Preservation (ex. podiatry, vascular, wound, infectious disease, physical therapy, etc.). Each member serves for two years and can be asked for a second term.

Applicants are asked to specify how their specialty and committment to Limb Preservation will strengthen the development of health equity & advocacy activities in ALPS. Concrete ideas for educational and advocacy activities (publications, educational modules) are appreciated.

Committee Objectives:
  1. Promote Health Equity: Identify and address barriers to equitable access to limb preservation services, particularly among underserved and marginalized populations. Develop initiatives to improve access to care and reduce disparities in treatment outcomes.
  2. Enhance Cultural Competency: Foster a culturally competent healthcare environment within the limb preservation community. Provide educational resources and training opportunities to help healthcare professionals better understand and address the unique needs of diverse patient populations.
  3. Advocate for Diversity and Inclusion: Promote diversity and inclusion within the field of limb preservation by supporting initiatives that attract and retain individuals from underrepresented backgrounds. Advocate for policies and practices that create a more inclusive and welcoming professional environment.
  4. Research and Data Analysis: Conduct research and data analysis to identify trends and disparities related to limb preservation care. Utilize findings to inform evidence-based interventions and policy recommendations aimed at promoting health equity and diversity.
  5. Collaboration and Outreach: Collaborate with other ALPS committees, healthcare organizations, community groups, and policymakers to advance health equity and diversity initiatives. Engage in outreach efforts to raise awareness about limb preservation disparities and promote inclusive practices.

Time commitment

The HEA Committee will meet once a year in person at DFCon and will have online meetings quarterly. The majority of the time commitment will be on being involved in projects and publications.


HEA Committee members will not be compensated financially. HEA Committee member’s registration fee to DFCon will be covered.

Application Form

    Application Procedure

    Let us know if you are interested in becoming part of the Health Equity & Advocacy Committee by sending an application.

    Your application should include:
    • 500-word summary describing your educational expertise and linking these to ideas for development of educational & advocacy activities.
    • List of educational & advocacy activities that you are particularly interested in pursuing.
    • Curriculum vitae (PDF format).

    Eligibility for Selection

    • Be an Active Member of ALPS (student and resident members are not eligible).
    • Have completed a postgraduate program.
    • Be committed to an career in lower limb preservation.
    • Be passionate about advancing health equity and diversity within the field of limb preservation.
    • We welcome individuals from diverse healthcare backgrounds and encourage active participation from professionals with expertise in healthcare disparities, cultural competence, and diversity advocacy.
    • ALPS is invested in a process that assures diversity, equity and inclusion for our volunteer opportunities. We encourage enthusiastic, eligible applicants from all aspects of gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity to apply.

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