DFCon On Demand

DFCon 2023 is now live as enduring content!

Exciting news! Our DFCon 2023 conference was a hit, full of cutting-edge insights and discussions in limb preservation. The best part? You can now access the conference material on demand!


Earn up to 15.5 Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits while exploring the latest advancements. If you haven’t met your CME requirements for 2024, look no further. Head to our website to dive into this invaluable content at your convenience. Special thanks to Casa Colina Hospital and the Unihealth grant for Limb Preservation for supporting this project.

Your dedication to limb preservation makes a real impact. Let’s shape a future free from preventable amputations together!


  • Diabetic Foot Forecast for 2023
  • 2023 International Working Group Guidelines
  • Standardizing a Toe and Flow Surgical Program for Limb Preservation Across Northern Italy
  • How the BEST CLI Trial Has Challenged the Status Quo
  • BASIL-2 Breakdown – Balancing Belief in Bypass or Balloon
  • Highlights from the Diabetic Foot Consortium
  • Driving High-Quality Care to the Highest Risk Patients
  • Epidermal Electronics
  • Learning From the First Ever NIH SmartBoot Trial
  • Next-Gen Exoskeletons Today
  • International Offloading Guidance
  • Medical vs Surgical Management of Osteomyelitis


Experience a diverse program of 50+ key topics combining the recent medical literature with the experience of our front-line clinicians

  • CIBL is to Infection as CLTI is to Ischemia
  • Key Advances in Wound Healing Over the Generations
  • A Crisis of Proceduralism-The Paradox of Over & Under Treatment of PAD
  • Science of Wound Healing
  • Deep Vein Arterializations
  • Post DVA Wound Management
  • PAT to Measure Flow
  • Toe & Flow in Action in the OR
  • Biomechanics of the Amputee
  • Pain Management
  • Neuropathy Eye and Diabetes Screening
  • And Many More!!