Student Chapters

American Limb Preservation Society

In the American Limb Preservation Society (ALPS) we work towards eliminating all preventable diabetic foot amputations over the next generation. This goal may be ambitious, but we believe that it is realistic if we join forces across disciplinary fields and prioritize the education of our future health professionals. Building strong ALPS student chapters all over North America will be an important step in reaching our goal, and we highly encourage students from different fields within health care and at different points in their education to get involved.

The hands and hearts of today’s health professions students will be responsible for preserving tomorrow’s at-risk limbs. In addition to ultimately being responsible for sustaining the present efforts of ALPS, young members’ enthusiasm, fresh perspectives and tenacity are invaluable to making advancements in the present. ALPS seeks to provide the mentorship, training and opportunities for student members to get an early ‘leg-up’ in being professional limb preservation advocates. Please join us in our interprofessional collaborative effort to eliminate preventable amputations!

– Ryan Crews, Founding Secretary

Benefits for students

ALPS is a non-profit organization and the aim of the society is to serve as an interdisciplinary bridge between varied groups and organizations with respective roles to play in lower limb preservation. The Society offers many benefits to student chapter members including:

Opportunities to support local and national initiatives with leading specialists in limb preservation

Networking with other student chapters across North America

Health professions working on limb preservation include podiatric surgeons, vascular surgeons, diabetes educators, endocrinologists, infectious disease specialists, interventional radiologists and cardiologists, nurses, pathologists, pedorthists, physical therapists, plastic surgeons, clinical scientists and many more involved.

Start a New Student Chapter

Congratulations and thank you for taking the step to organize an ALPS student chapter at your school!


There are two minimum requirements that must be met before considering organizing a new ALPS student chapter.

A reliable source of student members enrolled at the corresponding academic institution.

One or more faculty member(s) who is/are willing to serve as chapter faculty advisor(s).

Step-by-step Guide

Follow the steps in the ALPS Student Chapter Handbook  for setting up a student chapter at your institution