Traveling Fellowship

Submission Deadline: July 1, 2024

The primary purpose of the American Limb Preservation Society (ALPS) Traveling Fellowship is to provide the recipient with the opportunity to visit two limb preservation centers of excellence.

Recipients will be afforded the opportunity for professional growth aligned with ALPS aim to serve as an interdisciplinary bridge that identifies, develops and mentors the next generation of clinicians, scientists and clinician scientists working to preserve at-risk lower extremities. Accordingly, applicants shall identify two centers at which they will spend one week in mentorship. During their time at these centers of excellence fellows will further develop their capacity to implement interdisciplinary team based care for patients at their home institutions and also enhance their capacity to serve as future leaders in the advocacy for limb preservation.

In addition to an identified host center of excellence having an established strength in an applicant’s own field (ex. infectious disease, physical therapy, podiatry, vascular surgery, etc.), applicants should identify host centers with one or more complimentary specialties from which they will gain mentorship. Although this award is not intended to support specific research projects, establishing or furthering research collaborations it could be a potential benefit of the traveling fellowship.

Traveling Fellowship will provide up to $7,500 for expenses covering travel, research, and clerical assistance. The fellowship grant funds may not be used for purposes other than what has been stated above.

Application Form

    Application Procedure

    Application materials listed below should be submitted via the online application submission form on or before June 1st. Applications may be rejected if they are incomplete. Decisions regarding the award will be e-mailed to applicants in  and awardees will be publicly announced at ALPS’ official annual conference – The Diabetic Foot Conference (DFCon)
    • 500-word summary describing the objectives of the applicant’s travel plans and linking these to his or her career goals.
    • List of centers the applicant wants to visit which clearly identifies two or more specialties/services from which the applicant seeks mentorship.
    • Proposed milestone timeline for securing administrative approval and completion of both one-week training periods (note: $4,000 of the fellowship funds will be provided to the fellow upon completion of the first week of training and $3,500 will be provided upon completion of the second week of training).
    • Curriculum vitae (PDF format).
    • Three letters of recommendation (in PDF format) of which one must be from applicant’s direct supervisor.

    Financial Support

    The generosity of our sponsors has allowed the establishment of this fellowship. Their graciousness ensures the noncommercial nature of the award and its continuation in years to come.

    Traveling Fellowship will provide up to $7,500 for expenses covering travel, research, and clerical assistance. The fellowship grant funds may not be used for other purposes other than what has been stated above.

    Eligibility for Selection

    • Be an Active Member of ALPS (student and resident members are not eligible).
    • Have completed a postgraduate program.
    • Be committed to an academic career in lower limb preservation and have obtained an academic appointment in a university or clinical center devoted to excellence in medical education.
    • Have a demonstrated record of success in pursuing clinical or basic science research sufficient to ensure academic excellence in his or her career pursuits.
    • Applicants who have received prior traveling fellowships may apply. Special consideration will be given to those applicants who have not previously received a traveling fellowship.
    • ALPS is invested in a process that assures diversity, equity and inclusion for our award and scholarship opportunities. We encourage enthusiastic, eligible applicants from all aspects of gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity to apply.

    Fellow’s Report to Committee

    A full and detailed report covering the applicants experience should be prepared and forwarded to ALPS within three months.

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