Every 20 seconds, somewhere around the world someone loses their leg because of diabetes.

Our goal is to push back the clock and eliminate preventable amputations over the next generation.

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American Limb
Preservation Society,

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growth aligned with ALPS aim to serve as an interdisciplinary bridge?

ALPS serves as an
interdisciplinary bridge

Between varied groups and organizations with respective roles to play in lower limb preservation.

“We aim to advance science and clinical care in association with limb preservation and to develop the next generation of clinicians, scientists and clinician scientists in this field.”

Greetings from
the President

Dear Colleagues:
It is an honor and a privilege to introduce you to the American Limb Preservation Society (ALPS).

It is the goal of this organization to serve as an interdisciplinary bridge between our patients and specialties in medicine, surgery, nursing, physical therapy, engineering and science to foster better care of the high risk lower extremity and to help engage the next generation of women and men in the field.

Our collective goal is to eliminate preventable amputations over the next generation. We welcome you to join us as we work toward this goal.
Yours very truly,

David G. Armstrong

Founding President
American Limb Preservation Society

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Membership is open to everyone involved in limb preservation and we hope you will join us today and help saving limbs and lives.


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Founding Board

Dr. David
G. Armstrong

Founding President

Dr. Stephanie Wu

Founding Vice President

Dr. Michael S. Conte

Founding Scientific Chair

Dr. Joseph L. Mills

Founding Clinical Chair

Dr. Ryan Crews

Founding Secretary

Dr. Brian Lepow

Founding Treasurer

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