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13. December 2022

Dear Colleague,

Looking back at the past year I could not be prouder of what the American Limb Preservation Society (ALPS) has accomplished. ALPS was founded in 2020, and since then our society has grown and evolved from a small group of people passionate about limb preservation, to a member-based nonprofit, of “sole-brothers” and “sole-sisters”. The mission of ALPS is to eliminate all preventable amputations over the next generation. We believe in order to do this, we must create pathways and infrastructure for multidisciplinary limb preservation teams with diverse expertise to work together and collaborate, to ensure the best patient outcomes.

That is why we are writing you today. One of this year’s objectives, was to establish a networking platform that would connect healthcare professional in limb preservation from different fields and specialties, and we did it!

If you are not a member yet we would like to invite you to be a member of ALPS. For a limited time only, ALPS is offering a free one-year membership. Use the code “AOTI22” when creating your account in order to access your free membership. As a member of ALPS, you can access ALPS’ networking platform to learn from other experts in the field, or to build your own virtual limb preservation team.

Once you become a member, update your profile and information so others can reach you and see what you are doing in limb preservation. This platform can be used to maintain relationships with healthcare professionals you met at ALPS conference, DFCon, or it can be used to meet new connections and keep up to date with what is happening in limb preservation.

Thank you for becoming a member. We look forward to partnering with you as we work to end preventable amputations.

Kind regards,

David G. Armstrong (ALPS Founding President)

Georgia Krehbiel (ALPS CEO)

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