World-Renowned Podiatric Surgeon Dr. David G. Armstrong Delivers Lectures on Pioneering Efforts in Limb Preservation at 3rd Latin American International Wound Healing Symposium

20. November 2023

San Jose, Costa Rica – Esteemed Professor of Surgery Dr. David G. Armstrong, a leading figure in diabetic limb salvage, delivered a groundbreaking lecture at the 3rd Latin American International Wound Healing Symposium (COMLHEI). Held in San Jose, Costa Rica, the symposium attracted hundreds of delegates from across the Americas and Europe, signifying its growing importance in the field of wound healing and limb preservation.

Dr. Armstrong, holding tenure at the University of Southern California and co-founder of the Southwestern Academic Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA), presented his pioneering work on offloading the diabetic foot in resource-limited settings. His lectures shed light on innovative, practical solutions and underscored the crucial role of interdisciplinary approaches in tackling this global health challenge.

Highlighting the symposium’s theme of extending ulcer-free days for patients in remission from a wound, Dr. Armstrong also discussed his latest research in the NIH-funded Smartboot study. This next-generation tool represents a significant advancement in patient care, blending the latest in consumer electronics with medical devices to enhance treatment outcomes.

Profa. Dra. Leticia Vallejo, President of COMLHEI, commented on Dr. Armstrong’s participation: “Dr. Armstrong’s contribution to this year’s symposium was nothing short of transformative. His insights into managing diabetic foot complications in resource-constrained environments have set a new benchmark in our approach to limb preservation. His work is not only a testament to scientific innovation but also to the compassion and commitment required to make a tangible difference in patients’ lives.”

The symposium’s focus on practical and accessible solutions for wound care in diverse environments resonated deeply with the attendees. Dr. Armstrong’s expertise in developing and implementing such strategies has been instrumental in advancing the field, especially in underserved communities.

Dr. Armstrong, an internationally recognized figure with numerous awards spanning more than three decades, including the prestigious Karel Bakker Lifetime Achievement Award from the ISDF, continues to be a driving force in ending preventable amputation. His work, which spans research, clinical practice, and advocacy, is a beacon of hope and innovation in the field of diabetic limb salvage and wound care.

For more information about Dr. Armstrong’s work and efforts to eliminate preventable amputations in people with diabetes, please contact Annkathrin Mathe American Limb Preservation Society (ALPS) at

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