Diabetic Limb Salvage Pioneer Dr. David G. Armstrong Surpasses 75,000 Citations: ALPS Celebrates Monumental Milestone

10. June 2024

Celebrating the remarkable achievements of one of our esteemed members, the American Limb Preservation Society proudly shines a spotlight on Dr. David G. Armstrong. As a luminary in the realm of diabetic limb salvage and wound care, Dr. Armstrong has recently achieved a groundbreaking milestone, surpassing 75,000 citations for his impactful research. This achievement serves as a testament to his profound influence on podiatric surgery, diabetic limb preservation, and the advancement of innovative healthcare solutions.

Dr. Armstrong’s illustrious career spans over 680 peer-reviewed research papers and 110 books or book chapters, all dedicated to improving patient outcomes and preventing amputations. His groundbreaking contributions have significantly advanced our understanding and treatment of diabetic foot complications, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and integrating cutting-edge technology into clinical practice.

Beyond his prolific publication record, Dr. Armstrong co-founded the Southwestern Academic Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) and leads USC’s NSF-funded Center to Stream Healthcare in Place (C2SHiP), where he explores the convergence of consumer electronics and medical devices to enhance patient care.

Throughout his career, Dr. Armstrong has garnered numerous prestigious awards, including the Georgetown Distinguished Award for Diabetic Limb Salvage and the 2023 International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot (ISDF) Karel Bakker Award. As the first podiatric surgeon to be named a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow, and the Founding President of the American Limb Preservation Society (ALPS), his impact on the field is unparalleled.


Diabetic Limb Salvage Pioneer Dr. David G. Armstrong Surpasses 75,000 Citations: ALPS Celebrates Unprecedented Milestone

Tracking Dr. David G. Armstrong’s Citation Impact Over Time


Reflecting on this milestone, Dr. Armstrong remarked, “Surpassing 75,000 citations is a testament to the collaborative efforts of my colleagues, mentors, and students. It highlights the critical importance of interdisciplinary research in advancing healthcare and improving the lives of patients worldwide. Our goal remains clear: to end preventable amputations within the next generation.”

Dr. Armstrong’s visionary leadership continues to inspire researchers and clinicians alike, fostering innovative interdisciplinary research, clinical practice, and advocacy. His unwavering commitment to ending preventable amputations propels his ongoing efforts to push the boundaries of medical science and patient care.

For more information about Dr. David G. Armstrong’s pioneering work and contributions, please visit the USC Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy.


To explore Dr. Armstrong’s extensive body of research, visit his Google Scholar profile.


For more information about Dr. Armstrong’s work and upcoming initiatives, please contact:

Alison Evans

American Limb Preservation Society

Email: Alison@alpslimb.org

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