DFCon 2023 Concludes Successfully with Star-Studded Participation and Unprecedented Patient Involvement in Anaheim

6. October 2023

Anaheim, CA — October 6, 2023. The American Limb Preservation Society (ALPS) is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the 23rd Diabetic Foot Conference (DFCon) in Anaheim, California, held from September 28 to 30, 2023. The event, renowned for its focus on advancing limb preservation in individuals with diabetes, brought together a diverse and international audience, with representatives from 24 countries. This year’s symposium was particularly notable for the attendance of Academy Award-nominated actor Edward James Olmos, who has been a steadfast supporter of the conference for the past 23 years.

DFCon has a longstanding reputation as a critical forum for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and research related to diabetic foot care. This year’s conference exceeded expectations, with experts, healthcare professionals, and researchers converging to address the challenges posed by diabetic foot complications.

Highlights from DFCon 2023 include
  • Edward James Olmos and the Olmos Award: Olmos graced the event by presenting the Olmos Award for Lifetime Achievements in Limb Preservation. This year, the prestigious honor was bestowed upon Dr. Giacomo Clerici from Milan, recognizing his remarkable contributions to the field. Olmos’ ongoing involvement elevates the stature of the conference, underscoring its critical role in advancing limb preservation.
  • Significant Patient Involvement: Unprecedented participation of patients in panel discussions. Their firsthand accounts and experiences provided invaluable insights, enriching the dialogue, and earning multiple standing ovations from the audience.
  • Innovative Research: Attendees delved into the latest research findings, technological advancements, and treatment modalities, contributing to the ongoing evolution of diabetic foot care.
  • Global Collaboration: The conference featured a strong international presence, with participants from 24 countries sharing diverse perspectives and enriching the global dialogue on diabetic limb preservation.
  • Exhibition Hall: A dynamic exhibition hall showcased state-of-the-art products, services, and technologies crucial to advancing diabetic foot care.
  • Networking Success: Numerous networking opportunities facilitated connections among professionals, fostering collaborations that are poised to drive future advancements in diabetic limb preservation.

ALPS expresses gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and contributors who made DFCon 2023 a resounding success. The international representation underscored the significance of a united effort in tackling the complexities of diabetic foot complications.

For more information on DFCon and to access post-conference materials, please visit https://limbpreservationsociety.org/dfcon/.


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The American Limb Preservation Society (ALPS) is a non-profit organization committed to advancing the field of limb preservation through education, research, and collaboration. ALPS unites a diverse group of healthcare professionals to address the challenges posed by limb-threatening conditions, particularly in individuals with diabetes.

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