Vascular Surgeon

22. January 2024

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We’re saving lives, building careers, and reimagining healthcare. We can’t wait to grow alongside you.

The Cardiovascular Center, Division of Vascular Surgery at Tufts Medical Center is seeking an Academic Vascular Surgeon.

We are looking for a candidate with a strong research (basic or translational) background who is willing to advance our research mission.

The Division of Vascular Surgery specializes in management of arterial and venous diseases. Our Division has been a long-standing, dedicated vascular practice at Tufts Medical Center since 1966 and continues to treat more than 4,500 patients each year.

Our vascular surgeons have used their clinical expertise and research interests to make significant contributions to the field. Our research and clinical breakthroughs include a current clinical trial using stem cell therapy for the treatment of advanced arterial disease (to avoid amputation) when no other treatment options are available.

We are also home to a two-year, fully accredited ACGME Vascular Surgery Fellowship Program that provides a complete and seamless educational experience for the emerging leaders in this field.

Academic interests and experience are highly desirable, and substantial opportunities will be available for teaching, with appointment as faculty at Tufts University School of Medicine at an appropriate level based on experience.

Why join our team:

  • Collegial group of peers with team-based mentality, opportunities to work cross functionally and collaborate with other clinical areas
  • CVC research infrastructure
  • MCRI research infrastructure
  • Established referral system in Eastern Massachusetts area and beyond with significant network development opportunities
  • Comprehensive weekly educational activities
  • Opportunity to excel and grow a niche

Tufts Medical Center is an internationally respected academic medical center located in downtown Boston, adjacent to the Tufts University School of Medicine and a proud member of the Tufts Medicine Healthcare System. The Medical Center is known for its basic, translational and clinical science research as well as its expertise in health policy. The Medical Center is in the top ten percent of independent institutions receiving federal research funding. Our mission of advancing knowledge and training students to become future investigators drives us forward to quickly turn innovative research into pioneering care.

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